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  1. Activity ID not found

  2. Bulk copy did not work, I want my money back!

  3. Bulk copy, what are the limitations?

  4. Copying private activities from Garmin Connect, how does it work?

  5. Disruptions Feb 12th-18th

  6. GarminSync, CopyMySports: Who are we?

  7. How do I stop using CopyMySports for RunKeeper?

  8. How do I stop using CopyMySports for Strava?

  9. How fast is my bulk copy ready?

  10. How often does CopyMySports check for new activities?

  11. I'm not going to give CopyMySports my Garmin Connect, Strava or RunKeeper passwords, never!

  12. If I change activity details on Garmin Connect, is the activity automatically updated on Strava/RunKeeper?

  13. Is CopyMySports free?

  14. Only newly uploaded activities to Garmin Connect are copied after sign up for copying of new activities

  15. The duration and distance on RunKeeper/Strava differs from Garmin Connect, why?

  16. What happens to existing subscribers now that CopyMySports is a paid service?

  17. What is the status of my bulk copy?

  18. Why are certain activities not copied to Strava?

  19. Why did CopyMySports disconnect some of my connections on Garmin Connect?

  20. Why do I have to redo the setup for Strava?

  21. Why is heart rate data missing on RunKeeper for some activities?

  22. Why is my activity not published to RunKeeper and Strava once I upload it to Garmin Connect?

  23. Why is there a difference in calories between Garmin Connect and Strava/RunKeeper?

  24. Why is there a difference in elevation gained/lossed between Garmin Connect and Strava/RunKeeper?

  25. Will CopyMySports keep running now that Garmin provides native sync to Strava?

  26. Wrong account linked / getting activities of other user

  27. Wrong username shown during signup

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