Will CopyMySports keep running now that Garmin provides native sync to Strava?

As you may have noticed Garmin started to offer native sync facilities to sites like TrainingPeaks and Strava, and they have others coming up (Endomondo, MapMyFitness). That is basically the core functionality of CopyMySports, so the question is: does this make CopyMySports obsolete?

nFirst off, I think that for you as users it can be a great win if Garmin Connect supports the automatic copy to other services. Apparently CopyMySports (and others) provided a service that is so valuable that Garmin wants to take control of it. Obviously they are in the perfect position to provide a high quality and fast copy service to other sites since Garmin Connect has access to Garmin Connect internal resources that small players like CopyMySports are not getting at acceptable pricing (see this blog post). Garmin Connect knows exactly when an activity is uploaded to Garmin Connect and can immediately copy it to other sites. In addition, they have access to all activity details so they can copy all details to other sites.

So, that being said, is CopyMySports going to shutdown? No, we will not shutdown and keep on running.

Our user base it still growing and there are a few things that we do that are not (yet) supported by the native copy from Garmin Connect to Strava:

  1. Activity titles are not (yet) copied over to Strava by the native service and CopyMySports does do this
  2. Activity types are not (yet) copied over to Strava by the native service and CopyMySports does do this
  3. The native service only allows for copying of new activities and does not allow you to copy your old activities. CopyMySports does do this.
The first two points will probably be fixed at some point, but the copying of old activities is doubtful. So CopyMySports still adds value. And apart from copying to Strava, we support copying to RunKeeper which is not (yet) supported by Garmin Connect.

So we plan to keep running, in theory we’ll always be slower than the native copy but as long as we can provide other features, we still can add value to our loyal user base.  

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