Copying private activities from Garmin Connect, how does it work?

Garmin Connect does not provide a 'nice' interface to authorize CopyMySports to view and download your private activities. However, it is possible to copy new private activities from Garmin Connect by creating a connection on Garmin Connect to one of the copymysportsXXX users. Follow this link to connect to a copymysportsXXX user on Garmin Connect (the XXX will be replaced by a number). Bulk is not possible... yet. 

If you have previously connected to a 'garminsyncXXX' account, that is fine, keep that in place. There is no need to connect to a 'copymysportsXXX' account. The 'copymysportsXXX' accounts are introduced after GarminSync changed it's name to CopyMySports, the old 'garminsyncXXX' connection are still functioning.

This is what you need to do:

  1. Go to this link and add the Garmin Connect user 'copymysportsXXX' (XXX replaced by a number) as a connection by pressing the "Connect" button.
    The XXX may be a different number each time you go to that link, that is intentional and you only need to connect to ONE of the 'copymysportsXXX' accounts. Connecting to multiple 'copymysportsXXX' accounts is useless and only slows down processing of your activities. If you connect to multiple accounts, CopyMySports will disconnect all but one (see this). CopyMySports is using multiple 'copymysportsXXX' account because GarminConnect is not able to handle accounts with a large number of connections.
  2. Go to the CopyMySports website and when signing up for copy of new activities make sure the checkbox "Include private activities" is checked. Also ensure that a Garmin Connect activity ID of one of you activities is filled in. Once CopyMySports mentions that it found the activity, you can continue the sign up process.
  3. Ensure that the privacy label on activities is set to "My Connections" or "My Connections and Groups" (or public) on Garmin Connect. CopyMySports cannot read activities where the privacy label is set to "Only me", it has to be one of the other 3 values. In your Garmin Connect Settings you can specify the default privacy level for newly added activities. For existing activities you can only change it one activity at a time.


  • It may take a couple of minutes before your "Connect to CopyMySports" request can be accepted by CopyMySportsCopyMySports has to wait until a mail from Garmin Connect is arrived to approve the connection request. Once CopyMySports has accepted your request, you will receive a confirmation mail from Garmin Connect stating that your Garmin Connect account is now connected to CopyMySports. From that point on you'll be able to sgn up for copying of new activities.
  • Note that 'private' activities on Garmin Connect are not per se private activities on the service they are copied to (e.g. RunKeeper). Once copied the activities get the default privacy label set on your account on the target service. So, if you have set on your RunKeeper account that all activities must be private, the copied activity will be private. If the default on RunKeeper is public, the copied activity will be public. The same applies to Strava.
  • Copying of private activities currently only works for copying of new activities. It does not work for bulk copy. We have to work our way around the fact that Garmin Connect does not provide a proper interface to collect private activities. The use of "Connecting" on Garmin Connect is a nice work around for this, but this only allows for detecting of most recent activities and not for searching back in time for all your activities labelled as private.
  • The Garmin Connect interface allows CopyMySports to see the recently completed private activities for connected users on Garmin Connect. This works fine if you upload activities to Garmin Connect on the same day as you completed them, but if you upload them days after you completed the activity CopyMySports is not able to see it and this will not copy it to Strava or RunKeeper.
  • If you the the change privacy level of your activities to on your Garmin Connect account then that only applies to newly uploaded activities to Garmin Connect. Already existing activities on Garmin Connect keep their old privacy level.

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