Why do I have to redo the setup for Strava?

Strava released a new interface for services like CopyMySports to use for uploading data to Strava. This new interface is operational since beginning of May 2013 and as of July 1st 2013 Strava did shut down the old interface that CopyMySports was using. Therefore CopyMySports switched over to the new interface to  ensure that CopyMySports copy to Strava continues working. 

One effect if this new interface is a change in the way that Strava users give permission to services like CopyMySports to upload data on their behave. To make use of this new interface Strava users must authorize CopyMySports to upload data to their Strava account.

And for that you must sign up again for copying of new activities from Garmin Connect to Strava at http://www.copymysports.com

All nice and dandy, but does it have any advantages for you? Yes!

  • You no longer have to provide your Strava password to CopyMySports. Instead you only authorize CopyMySports to upload to your Strava account. You can easily revoke access for CopyMySports at http://app.strava.com/settings/apps.
  • The activities uploaded to Strava will now contain all activity details (laps, correct device, watts, etc) AND the activity title will be set.
  • If you use your Facebook account to log into Strava, there is no longer a need to set a separate password on Strava in order to give CopyMySports access.

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