What happens to existing subscribers now that CopyMySports is a paid service?

As you may have noticed as of June 2017 CopyMySports has become a paid service. For a $2.99/12 months CopyMySports will copy all your new activities from Garmin Connect to Strava and/or RunKeeper. In the signup process, you will be asked to pay the $2.99. If you have already paid, you will not be asked to pay again during the subscription period. 

What are the implications for existing CopyMySorts subscribers:
  • For a limited period, your activities will be copied but priority is given to paid subscribers. You also will not benefit from the new way of checking for new activities which enables us to copy activities faster. 
  • If you would go through the sign-up process, you will be asked to pay for the 12-month subscription. A reduced price of $1.99 is offered for people that were already subscribed to CopyMySports before it became a paid service. The benefit for you is that your activities will be copied faster and by subscribing you support us to keep the service up and running and pay the bills. 
  • As some point in the future will explicitly ask you to sign up for the paid subscription. 

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